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Hillsborough, California is a small town big on luxury living. It appears on the west side of San Mateo and south side of Burlingame. There, the town mingles with rolling hills, wooded green spaces, a golf course, parks and trails. It includes many prime residential areas. When it comes to San Francisco Bay area real estate,  Hillsborough real estate includes some of the best neighborhoods. These include Ryan Tract, Hillsborough Heights, Brewer Subdivision and Country Club Manor. They include Homeplace, Hillsborough Knolls, Hillsborough Park, Carollands, Skyfarm, Hillsborough Hills and Lakeview. A countryside back drop sets the stage for these neighborhoods. Beautiful homes at various levels of luxury dot secluded streets. Homes for sale in Hillsborough CA set the stage for great living, working and playing around the San Francisco Bay. They come in a variety of styles, floor plans and custom types. They have many upscale features and extras.

A Closer Look at Homes for Sale in Hillsborough CA

The town has one of the wealthiest profiles in America, with quite a high income per household. It has a bedroom community feel, with few traffic lights. It has an abundance of flowers and green settings. A rural atmosphere, brimming with peace and quiet combines with great schools and public services. Hillsborough real estate combines with this appealing back drop to produce a high demand market in homes.

Hillsborough started as a playground for famous people in the 19th century. It was often sought out as a retreat from the hustle and bustle of fame and fortune. Some of its property owners were gold rush barons. Properties that developed often reflected east coast influence. Great mansions were built. Polo fields, together with hunting grounds and tennis courts were common.  In the 1920’s, many business and local leaders made Hillsborough a permanent home. They built luxurious abodes, including Spanish Colonials, Italian Villas and French Mansions, on gated estates. Homes for sale in Hillsborough CA today can be found in these and other timeless styles. For example, a vintage, custom French Normandy, with 5 bedrooms may be found on the market. It may include exquisite landscaping.

Today, the town’s proximity to Silicon Valley makes it an ideal choice for many business professionals. Worldwide renown for high-end amenities, gorgeous homes and settings draws buyers regularly to Hillsborough real estate. They may find the perfect newer or vintage home starting at around $2 mil and peeking at $20 mil plus.

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